It's all about the data

Insider threats

Protecting your organization from insider threats should be a primary concern to any healthcare organization and its business associates. Current or former employees, either by malice, neglect, or by honest mistake can leak PHI to outlet channels such as email, social media, mobile devices, and cloud storage. Considering that 55% of all attacks originate via insiders, they’ve become a favorite target of cyber criminals by way of sophisticated email phishing campaigns.


Attackers hold patient data hostage, forcing suspension of critical services and impeding communications until payment is extorted. This epidemic has hit hospitals particularly hard, and continues to grow via extortion campaigns like WannaCry and Petya.

Business Associates Infiltration

You're only as secure as your most vulnerable business associate or partner. Cyber criminals target trusted partner providers, maintenance contractors and clients who lack adequate security controls. By doing so, the gain backdoor access to sensitive healthcare data.

The Solution

Work with a company that focuses on the data, not just the network or the endpoints themselves. There are so many players talking about data protection that it's created a ton of confusion in the industry. You can separate fact from fiction by simply working with a vendor that has the deepest visibility into your data, user and system events, and can identify and tag sensitive data in real-time even before you develop formal policies.

Because of greater visibility and real-time analytics, they discover, monitor and control structured data such as PHI and PII as effectively as unstructured data such as clinical research data. Our solution monitors enterprise data wherever it lives and wherever it is shared. Either at rest or in transit, our solution performs equally across Windows, Apple or Linux platforms.

Behavior-based rules automatically prompt users to prevent actions that violate policies and put data at risk. Users are educated in real-time with positive reinforcement on the appropriate handling of regulated data via display prompts that request justification. Illegal downloads or exfiltration can be blocked or contained before the data is gone.