The Human Firewall

the largest security risk is your people

It should come as no surprise to anyone that 70% of a company’s cyber risk can be directly attributed to its employee’s web and email practices. Phishing campaigns by either state-sponsored threat actors or organized crime organizations have really step up their attacks on all types of companies, regardless of size. To that end, all companies must educate their employees on an ongoing basis to better combat these threats.

Your employees are the last line of defense when it comes to cyber security, and a well-trained workforce can minimize your exposure significantly. At TechMend, we provide a customized learning plan tailored to each individual employee based on their behavior profile. Our tools use the following features:

  • Machine Learning Engine that adapts education to employee behavior over time.
  • Over 300 Small interactive training Modules
  • SaaS Application Tracking
  • Anti-phishing & simulated attacks
  • Data driven intelligent training (UEBA)
  • Shadow IT Digital footprint Maladvertising
  • Customer specific content and API’s