Compliance vs. Security

What's the difference?

Security and compliance work hand in hand to protect organizations from data breaches and government fines. But there's an important distinction between them that most people don't understand.

An organization can hire the top security expert in the country to come into their offices and install the most advanced security measures on the market today. However, if that organization isn't doing anything to address compliance they would very likely fail an OCR audit. In contrast, an organization can be fully compliant, but without adequate security measures in place that organization's data faces serious risk of exposure.

In the end, compliance is about implementing mandatory safeguards and being able to document what you've done to avoid fines. If you are not able to show these documents and procedures, it can open you up for additional scrutiny. Security is about using technology and infrastructure to mitigate the risk that data faces of being breached. Make no mistake data is the new currency!

In order to protect health data and avoid fines organizations need to use compliance and security in combination with each other. That means for example, having an email encryption solution in place with its corresponding documented policy that governs what kind of PHI can and cannot be sent via email.

At TechMend we pride ourselves in providing our customers a complete solution for both security and compliance in mind.


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